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Located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Wholetherapy is deeply rooted in our diverse community. We specialize in EMDR, trauma therapy, couples counselling, and MORE! Offering support to everyone, including veterans and newcomers to Canada. Our multilingual services ensure you feel understood, whether in person or online.

At Wholetherapy, we believe healing is supported by more than just therapy sessions. That's why we provide free resources here, equipping you with practical tools to navigate life's challenges whenever you need them. It's our way of caring for the community, providing comfort and support at every step.

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Curious about your mental health?

Our brief PHQ-9 and GAD-7 quizzes will help you explore your current levels of depression and anxiety. After completing them, you can arrange a free consultation to discuss your results and explore therapeutic pathways to improve your mental health.

Mindful Morning Support Meditations

Wholetherapy's ‘Mindful Mornings Support Routine’

Offers 5 days of FREE Daily Meditations and Breathing Exercises, thoughtfully crafted by our clinical director and RCT, Emily Bushell, to promote calm and reduce stress.

Client EMDR Handbook:

Your Guide to Understanding and Enhancing Your EMDR Therapy Sessions - Whether you're new to EMDR or seeking to deepen your understanding, this handbook is designed to empower your therapeutic journey with clarity and insight.

Hope & Healing After Trauma

Wholetherapy's Guide to Understanding Your Trauma. This resource includes thoughtfully developed worksheets to help you in your trauma recovery and stabilization, supporting you as you navigate through challenging experiences.

Guide to Grief: Navigating Loss with Compassion

Designed by Wholetherapy, this essential resource provides compassionate strategies that are crucial for managing and navigating grief effectively. Created to help you find solace and strength, these tools support your emotional healing journey.

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At Wholetherapy, we are committed to providing you with the tools and support needed for your mental health journey. Explore our free resources and discover ways to enhance your well-being. Whether you're looking for meditations, trauma guides, or breathing exercises, our resources are here to support you outside of therapy sessions.

Please Note:

These resources are designed to be used as tools and in conjunction with your regular mental health routine. For comprehensive support, please consult with your therapist regularly.

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